Hokkaido is well known for its production of high quality milk products. This naturally lends itself to high quality dessert products too! You'll notice in Sapporo that it seems like parfaits are pretty popular, a common dessert item. A local guide book recommended this place called "Cherry Merry" so we decided to check it out after school. It is literally right across the street from 18jyo subway station, so there is no reason not to check it out!

The lighting happened to be perfect at that time of the day so I think I got some pretty tasty looking shots of the parfaits. I have never seen parfaits more beautiful than this and even my friends who live in Sapporo said this was the best parfait they've ever had. Leave it to the Japanese to refine the parfait into something beautifully decadent! There's something about the milkiness and richness of the cream they use in Sapporo that I've never had anywhere else.

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