Who doesn't like bunnies? More pen tool practice...
Till Lindermann from Rammstein. This was just to practice drawing/painting technique with texture in Photoshop.

Portrait of Dita Von Teese using type
Life drawing, fairly short poses.

Miss Fitt, Dr Sketchy
Sub diversis speciebus,
Signis tantum et no rebus
Latent res eximiae!

Wonderful things lie hidden under the different species, which are only signs and not realities.

Yes.. its Domo-kun fan art! I thought it would be fun to have these characters dressed up as other things.. An excuse to play around with Illustrator :) If you don't know, the other two are his pals Mr. Usaji and Tashanna.

(poster by Emily Chou)

Come hang out with us!! There will be yummy snacks and good company. And art..
Need more oils practice! Just finished an oil study of a golden retriever that I'm giving to my Uncle because he loves this breed :) I very much want a dog or a cat.

Oil study of Golden Retriever, on canvas paper

In progress shot, beginning stages

charcoal pencils on bogus sketch

Trying to go to life drawing regularly this summer. I have a great partner in crime as incentive, Miss Picketts.

Dr Frank N Furter / Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show
Exercise in oils on canvas
Loving the Bogus Recycled skech pad. Closed my tumblr account, going to just throw stuff on here.

Illustration for ricepaper magazine, issue 15.2

Ricepaper is a national literary arts magazine committed to providing voice and focus on East Asian and Southeast Asian culture.

ink + watercolor on illustration board

Oil on canvas. Erik Sprague, the "Lizardman" known for his crazy body mods including a split tongue and sharpened teeth

Gouache & watercolour on illustration board. I'm starting to like gouache more than before! Heath Ledger as the Joker.
If I could create my dream restaurant it would be something like this.. Of course, ignoring all the copyright infringement laws of using comic book characters and Star Wars references..
I'd have the waitresses dress up like catwoman and the guys like batman..haha! I wish I was around to see the Marvel Mania restaurant in Hollywood but apparently they had crappy food anyway.

I can't wait to visit my favourite restaurant experience in New York again - the Jekyll & Hyde Club. The food was standard fare but the atmosphere was so much fun. Their storefront is just amazing:

Peter and the Wolf illustration for cd cover
pen/ink & Photoshop

Mr.Nick /Tom Waits from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Watercolour.