I hope everyone out there is having a great Christmas! Here's a painting I did for my dad, his favorite martial artist, Bruce Lee. Mostly gouche on bristol.

First attempt at cut paper art

Retro Airplane. Medium: gouache

UPDATE:: the power of Google! Apparently this image was appearing on the first page of image search if you typed in "1920s airplane". So I got some hate messages from a rude plane enthusiast who said this model is more like a 1940's plane than 1920's. I've "re-titled" it for the sake of correctness.
He hates surprises. Especially on his birthday. Pen & Ink/Watercolor

Taken with Nikon D60

Short comic done for illustration class. Pen & ink, quick colour in photoshop.

Portrait shots I took of my friend Jessie, Charlie Chaplin style. Done with studio lighting. It was a blast!

still life, taken with natural lighting

another still life, with natural lighting

acrylic on arches

self portrait as a dutch-baroque man. colored pencils

medium: gouache

sinead o'connor
medium: gouache

pen and ink study, House

gouache study of botticelli's primavera

My first attempt at painting a munny :D haha.
entering a magical forest sprinkled with pixie dust

Stanley Park Adventures.. Part 2

she climbed a tree to catch a fairy

soft beauty

"I want an umbrella too."

up into dreams!

I love getting my friends to dress up and take photos. This is part one of our Stanley Park adventures. Pictured above is Emma with her wonderful smile.

Waiting outside Joey's. Perfect opportunity to capture Amanda doing her natural thing.

I'm sorry that you look a little bit washed out here. I personally love pale, but I understand not everyone wants to look like a vampire.

I just love her heart-shaped glasses. Some think that people smoking look hot. NOT TRUE. Only CERTAIN people can look hot smoking. For example, celebrities. And my dear Amanda.

From live painting session, Paint for Peace last weekend.. Thanks Nina, for taking the photo!! I adjusted the values a little bit. I need a LOT more painting practice.. There were a lot of fantastic and talented arists. Thanks to all my awesome friends who came, it was great seeing you. :)

drawing in my moleskine.. what fun critters. Little stone statues

medium: acrylic
Silent Hill reference
The smelliest little outdoor art gallery in downtown Vancouver!! The street art in this alley way was intense and vibrant - and fresh - unlike the rotting garbage in the dumpsters. Thanks Dean, for braving the smell with me. Somehow I still had the appetite for a hearty "bangers 'n hash" dinner at The Greedy Pig.

Good 'ol Chuck Close!!

Spring in Vancouver! The sakura were a little late in blooming this year.